CNC Voron Tap V1.0 / V2.0

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Thanks to Voron Design and Badnoob

We sincerely thank the Voron Design team for their open source project that enabled us to develop the CNC Voron Tap.We especially want to recognize Badnoob, creator of Voron Tap, for participating in the iterative R&D of the CNC Voron Tapand providing valuable feedback on our V2 version. Badnoob also aided in internalproduct testing to help us evaluate the performance and reliability of the CNC Voron Tap V2.

The openness and creative spirit exhibited by Voron Design and Badnoob have made tremendous contributions to
the 3D community. Chaoticlab will continue embracing these open source values to jointly advance 3D printing.


Compared to MGNH9, MGNH7 is lighter and thinner.
This allows us to minimize the burden on the extruder and avoid lossof Y Stroke. Meanwhile, MGNH7 offers the same sturdiness
as MGNH9.We specifically chose reputable HIWIN linear guideways.designed steel limit nuts, and a magnetic limit assemblyto maximize sturdy and reliable construction.This gives the CNC Voron Tap V2 excellent Input Shaper data.

Experience higher accuracy and reliability with the OMRON EE-SX4320.

V2: Transmissive Photomicrosensor with 0.3mm Wide Aperture
V1:Contactless Optical Microswitch


Expanding the voltage range in the upgraded V2 tosupport 5-24V for flexibility.

Feather Light

Weighing just 65g without screws, the incredibly lightweight body won't add noticeable mass to the toolhead, maintaining precision.

Maintaining the Original XY Stroke

Preserves full range motion and build capacity,letting you unleash your Voron's capabilities.

Build for Solid, Made for Ease

*When using the CNC VORON TAP V2 with the Carbon Fiber Tube Kit for Voron2.4 X-Axis (300)\ (350), an additional printed part is required to adjust the mounting position of the X-axis limit switch bracket. You can access the following link to obtain the print file:

Installation and Usage Notes

  • XY Stroke Influence

    No XY adjustment needed - CNC VORON TAP V2 thickness similar to 2.4R2 X carriage.

  • MGN12H X-Axis Requirement

    CNC VORON TAP V2 requires MGN12 X-Axis, not older MGN9.

  • CW2-Style Mounted Extruder

    Replaces X-carriage and needs front screws like CW2.LGX/Galileo mounts available.

  • Bed Mount Stability

    500-800g nozzle force during probing. Ensure no bed motion as it reduces accuracy. Not recommended for Voron 1.8/Legacy/Switchwire.Compatibility Test: Firmly tap bed - movement means unsuitable.

  • Good Mechanical Condition

    More precise than previous sensors. Fix known issues before installing.


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